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   Something all businesses should learn from the Kardashians – How they should leverage “Celebrity” Branding to drive more customers, clients, or patients into their businesses. 

   All business owners want a means to attract more customers specifically from within their local market area, without having to spend tens of thousands of dollar per month. 

    There are a lot of local businesses that are missing out on getting more people to service, but those potential customers does not even know that business is available to even visit. This is a simple yet common issue that many local businesses are currently facing today. 

   These businesses are ignoring the fact that all their customers are online searching for services, but since they have no presents, they aren’t being discovered. Yes, I know what you all are saying… “it cost too much to be online as a business, with the cost of Facebook ads, Instagram ads, etc” 

   I agree with you all, as it is becoming far more expensive and rather challenging to be able to marketing to your clients just using those media platforms.


Brand Visibility​


   Media Campaign Packages are becoming the New way to get Rankings and Authority on Google… Nike , Reebok, Apple, Ford are just to list a few, but they all have something in common. It is apparently the missing key factor for the majority of small local businesses all over the world.

   Those are BIG Brand companies that are being seen on multiple media platforms all the time and as a result they are getting new customers and increasing the sales everyday.

   So the question is now how can small local businesses get the BIG Brand Visibility without a big marketing budgets?


Marketing the Old Way

Old way

   Most gurus would tell you that as a local small business, you need to grow your brand using the following media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Blogging… 

   The gurus aren’t completely wrong, but that is not going to get you the effects like the big brands have been doing for years now.

   For example, Nike does not need Facebook or Instagram ads for them to sell more shoes or apparel, they simply just create a post on the page, and people will see it and go buy it. 

   Note that I am not suggesting that they don’t run ads on these platform, because they do. They also are already well known by the mass of their customers, who are not always buying from those platform. 


Omnipresent Marketing

New way

   So the question now is, how are the local small businesses able to compete with the likes of Nike, Apple, Ford, etc the big brands to reach a larger  audience of potential customers within their local market.

   Well they need to be seen just as much as the big brands, meaning that they will now be seen where ever people are searching online. 

   They get to leverage big brand sites and industry leading platforms to reach new audience in the most influential ways possible.

   So now we know that there are ways to grow local small businesses, but most business owners don’t have the time and resources to come up with marketing strategies that will enable them to become omnipresent online, well, LOF Agency can help you with that.

   If you are interested in learning more about this New Way of marketing for your local business, then watch this video below and you can also reach out to us for more details.